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At iHeartPets, we’re not just pet people, we’re a pack.

Founded by animal aficionados whose hearts beat for paws, fins, and feathers, we crafted a haven for all creatures great and small.

Forget boring bowls and generic chews, we’re your one-stop-shop for curated goodies that unleash the purr-sonalities within.

More than just a store, we’re a trusted resource, a furry (and sometimes feathery) family, ready to shower your furry (and not-so-furry) friends with love.

About iHeartPets
About iHeartPets
About iHeartPets

About iHeartPets

About iHeartPets


Our mission is simple but heartfelt: To bring joy and happiness to pet owners, one paw at a time. We believe that every pet, from the tiniest guppy to the grandest Great Dane, deserves the VIPaw treatment. That’s why we’ve scoured the Earth (and maybe a tiny bit of Mars) for the best pet products out there.

What Sets Us Apart

Why choose iHeartPets? Because we’re the official iHeartPets brand, offering a handpicked, paw-selected range of products that have been snout-approved by our expert panel of pet testers. Yes, they work for treats, and yes, they take their job very seriously.

PASSION FOR Purrs and Chirps, a Chorus of Companionship


Finding delight in the simple moments of shared existence


Communicating in heartwarming ways, even beyond words


Building bridges of love and understanding across species