Yes, dogs do need sunscreen, just like their human owners

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to preventative measures to avoid skin cancer for your dog. Just like you wouldn’t expose your skin to the sun all day without protection in the form of sunscreen or sun shirts, consider what is best for your dog and the activities they’ll be enjoying in the sun. Common sense items such as…

  • How thick and full is their coat?
  • What color is your dog’s coat?
  • How much time your dog will be outside, and during what part of the day?
  • Where do you live?

Thin and light coated dogs should apply sunscreen anytime they will be outside. If you will be out all day, apply the sunscreen regardless of the type of coat your dog has. And any bare skin should be sunscreen’ed as well. Nose, ear flaps, belly, etc.

It will take some getting used to but their skin will thank you for it in the long run as we ask do dogs need sunscreen.

Not all sunscreens are dog friendly

Avoid sunscreens that contain para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), salicylates or zinc oxide, especially on the areas that your dog is likely to be able to lick off. Ingestion of zinc oxide can lead to hemolytic anemia. Make sure it is non-fragrant and ideally made specifically for dogs.


Keep your dog indoors from 10am to 4pm

Do dogs need sunscreen

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