Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Yes, dogs do need sunscreen, just like their human owners There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to preventative measures to avoid skin cancer for your dog. Just like you wouldn't expose your skin to the sun all day without protection in the form

Why Cat People Don’t Understand Dog People

There are cat people and there are dog people and then there are folks like me who fall in the middle, enjoying the company of both cats and dogs. I happily share my home – and my heart – with two dogs and two cats. In this

Can Dogs Get Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease has likely been around for centuries, but we have only started to understand more about the disease in the past 30 years. What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is an infection caused by a species of bacteria called Borrelia. The bacteria is transmitted by ticks

New Pet Checklist

Congratulations on adding a new furry family member to your household! If you find yourself with a new four-legged friend, be sure to follow this important checklist to have everything ready for your new pet! 1. Food Choosing a food that’s appropriate for your new pet can

Why Dog People Don’t Understand Cat People

You met the person of your dreams. She has a cat and you have a dog and the four of you are about to share one home. Think of this as a furry Brady Bunch situation. Your dog listens to your every word. Sits and stay on

Dog & Cat Poisons Lurking Around Your Home

We all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, and there are many other human food items that can cause serious illness and death in our canine and feline companions. However, some of the most dangerous toxicities to pets are actually not food related. Be sure to

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